Kaxaa is not a trendy "meme" coin or speculative investment crypto, it is a real utility token run by a wide community of enthusiasts. Kaxaa is a tool that consists of key elements designed to address old and new world problems.


Kaxaa Token

The Kaxaa Token is a utility token used to access proprietary real estate data on the Kaxaa Platform and to support more stable crypto transactions. The value of the Kaxaa Token is determined by the proprietary Kaxaa Index algorithm based on real world market indicators. The Kaxaa Token may be used in crypto transactions and may provide a significantly more "stabilizing force" than traditional crypto options during escrow and purchase life cylces.


Kaxaa Blockchain

The Kaxaa blockchain is uniquely designed to serve the Kaxaa ecosystem and token holders. Based on Polygon, it is the underlying technology that manages transactions and secures our smart contracts, all without expensive gas fees.


Kaxaa Index

The Kaxaa Index is a patent-pending technology that produces an overall market status expressed as a single number and is open-sourced so that it may be audited and maintained by the Kaxaa community and by third party auditing firms. The Kaxaa Token value is directly tired by the Kaxaa Index and is not susceptible to changes in value due to volume and marketing making forces.


Kaxaa is a one-of-a-kind crypto utility token tied to an index measuring market forces and is not tied to any specific currency, other crypto, stablecoin, or crypto market. The Kaxaa Index represents a weighted and blended measurement of index data supplied by the United States Federal Reserve Bank (St. Louis).

Mapped to Real-World Price Indexes


Kaxaa - The Team

Our company has a vision to reimagine how real estate works with our proprietary blockchain supported by real world global economic forces and real estate. The Kaxaa team is defining the bond between real estate and crypto assets. We have assembled a team of experts in business, technology, finance, engineering, and real estate to bring this vision to life.

Anjali McQueen

Economics & Financial Accountability

Anjali is focused on ensuring the Kaxaa project is economically viable, that the company is compliant with regulatory requirements and accounting standards

Anjali’s passion is bridging traditional finance with the emerging universe of cryptocurrency. Ms. McQueen holds a Certified Associate Charter in the United Kingdom with a rich background in global finance. She began her career with KPMG, and went on to found her own consultancy working with Lloyds Banking Group, Barklays, and HSBC. Anjali served as the subject matter expert and host of the leading money and finance program for media giant Sky TV.

Mohammad Ali

Technology & Architecture

Mohammad is our master builder, designing our architecture, selecting our platform technology, and managing our engineering team.

Mohammad is an innovative professional engineer with highly tuned expertise in creating, mentoring and managing cross functional diverse technology teams. For more than a decade Mr. Ali has led teams through the complex development and execution of large scale LTE and 4GT enterprise media deployments, multi-screen customer and engagement technologies, and peer-to-peer systems for global markets. Ali specializes in building and directing teams for the invention and ongoing growth of digital products, strategic initiatives, and valuable intellectual properties.

Nene Sakol

Development & Execution Strategy

Nene is leading the development of the Kaxaa project, organizing resources, and managing team execution.

Nene has had a diverse career in marketing in the media industry. Nene developed a proprietary data center for crypto mining and is an investor in an array of crypto exchanges. Mr. Sakol began his career at EMI Capitol Records working with top executives there to elevate name brand musical talent including Selena, Garth Brooks, The Beach Boys and other priority acts. In 1998 Nene founded SER International, a global agency, whose portfolio included dozens of international brands such as Casio, Toyota, AARP, and more.

Vaughn Smith

Project Vision & Corporate Structure

Vaughn oversees the Kaxaa project vision, navigating our unique course in crypto and real estate, and facilitating our corporate structure.

Vaughn is an innovative inventor with claim to numerous intellectual properties in technical applications including social media, content recommendation, DRM, and virtual reality. Vaughn began his career in motion picture technology with an emphasis on post production processes. Mr. Smith was an early stakeholder in projects at the intersection of media and technology, launching one of the first social media content streaming platforms. Recently Vaughn exited his position in an enterprise he cofounded which served as a preferred international technical services and content provider to iTunes, Amazon and dozens more.

Genaro Rodriguez

Real Estate Asset Fidelity

Genaro is our resident traditional real estate expert. He is focused on guiding the Kaxaa project in the development of individual investments and portfolios.

Genaro is a veteran in the complex regulated world of asset financing. Mr. Rodriguez’s deep background in real estate and lending began with finance monolith Bank of America. He developed and executed large scale funding projects that include launching innovative lending products and leading the finance aspects of numerous other priorities across major markets in the United States. Genaro’s experience is across wide disciplines including income lending, commercial development lending and joint venture development projects.





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